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I offer many different Reiki services.  All of which are customizable to best fit your, your loved ones or pets needs. Please contact me with any questions.
30 Minute Distance Session - $30


A 30 - minute distance session includes an introductory question and answer email, a distance reiki session and  follow-up email or up to a 10 minute Skype call or chat. For more information or to schedule a session, click below.

60 Minute Distance Session - $55


A 60 - minute distance session includes an introductory question and answer email, a distance Reiki session and a follow-up email or up to a 10 minute Skype call or chat.  For more information or to schedule a session, click below.

Monthly Packages - Starting at $100


There are several monthly packages available.  One of the most popular is a 30-minute distance session once a week for a month.  There are many other options available to fit your needs as well.  Please click below for more information.

Hands-On Session - Starting at $60


The duration of a hands-on session is between 45 and 60 minutes.  Please wear comfortable clothing.  If you are interested in scheduling and hands-on session in my location or your home, please click below.


I had the pleasure of being in the very skilled hands of Jesse Lobb for a Reiki session at a time that was a little confusing and overwhelming for me. Every step of the process from her warm greeting to the comfortable environment she provided made for an optimal experience. Once my session was complete, I emerged refreshed and calm. I was ready to complete what I needed to with a centered state of mind. I highly recommend Jesse's services, she will send you home with a calm mindset and a rejuvenated sense of self.”


- Lynore Soffer, Entrpreneur, Southern California




Jesse has the most beautiful soul manifesting kindness, empathy and warmth. She feels where you're at and works miracles releasing stuck energy allowing you to get back in the “flow”. From even several countries south of Texas she is able to bring me the energetic healing I need from time to time.”


- Gabriel Killian, Sustainable Business Consultant and Lifestyle Coach, Denton, Texas





The treatment itself was gentle, just a placement of hands at various locations on the clothed body. At times my body felt heavy, especially in the limbs. Then I felt a lightness. I also felt my breath go through a major change at one point. After the treatment I noticed that I was sleeping very well. Previously pain in my ankle would wake me during the night due to an injury that occurred 8 months before my session. I got up and put my weight on my ankle and felt no pain or dull ache. And, three weeks later I am not feeling any aching in it what-so-ever! I truly know that the Reiki treatment worked very well for me. I feel that Jesse has a natural gift to practice Reiki and I highly recommend her.”


-Colleen, Yoga Instructor, Potrero, Costa Rica




I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that the Reiki treatment you gave me last week was quite successful. I noticed an increase in energy during the day, sounder sleeping at night and less pain in my back. I love the feel of the treatment and the warmth it brings me. It was an overall awesome experience. I can’t wait for my next session.”


-Cindy, Potrero, Costa Rica



Jesse’s Reiki Treatment gave me an intense feeling of complete relaxation and lightness. My body and mind were relieved of all tension. A lingering euphoric sensation was a welcomed side-effect of this restorative savasana.”


-Kimberly S., Yoga Instructor, Playa Potrero, Costa Rica



I recently had the opportunity to have an energy healing treatment with Jesse Lobb.  Her Reiki treatments are amazing and she will travel to your home complete with massage table, music and essential oils.  The session was at sunset on a covered deck on the beach which enhanced the procedure by bringing in the elements of crashing waves and thunder showers.  At the time, I had no significant physical ailments, but simply wanted to enjoy a quiet relaxating experience.  She clearly moved energy around in my body and that energy made me feel strong and full of life. Normally I consider myself a joyous and loving human, but the session magnified these feelings exponentially.  Typically I am vulnerable and sensitive to human unkindness that is directed at myself or others whether it is inadvertent or intentional.  Post treatment I feel emotionally strong and well prepared to embrace life.  Each time I see Jesse, I see her light.  So grateful for her skill.


- Marie Ingram, Playa Potrero, Costa Rica



I have had two Reiki sessions with Jesse and I will have more. She has great energy and the sciatica issues I had before the treatments have completely dissipated.  I appreciated her gentle application of the energy during the sessions.  I recommend her services to anyone who wants to feel more grounded in their daily life.  Certainly worth the money and the time.


- Cindy Justice, Reitred, Playa Potrero, Costa Rica

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